The office of Anderson & Voyich can guide clients through the entire process of adoption, whether private or through the State.

  • Parenting plan modification
  • Parenting plan drafting
  • Parenting plan disputes
  • Initial parenting plan formulation

The attorneys at Anderson & Voyich can help with your child support issues including:

The attorneys at Anderson & Voyich guide clients through the difficult process of divorce.  Our attorneys collaborate closely with their clients, helping them with difficult, often emotional, issues. We can prepare all the documents from start to finish and will diligently work toward meeting our clients' goals and wishes.


Parenting Evaluation/Guardian Ad Litem

Family Law

The attorneys at Anderson & Voyich can provide services as the court appointed guardian ad litem and/or parenting evaluator to investigate and make recommendations related to a child’s best interests.  In such instances, the parents are not the “client”, the attorney who has been appointed to act as the GAL and/or evaluator is appointed to act on behalf of the child’s best interests.  Our attorneys will provide a thorough evaluation with visits, interviews, and document review, and provide recommendations and reports to the court and parties.

The attorneys at Anderson & Voyich represent clients with your parenting concerns including:


Child Support


Anderson & Voyich is one of the most experienced law firms in the area when it comes to family law.  Our office represents clients with concerns such as divorce, parenting issues, parenting evaluations, adoptions, and child support.

  • Child Support determination/calculation

  • Child Support modification

  • Wage Withholding Orders

  • Enforcement of child support and child related financial obligations

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